Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Similarities and differences in Crane and Dreiser's practice of Essay

Similarities and differences in Crane and Dreiser's practice of realism - Essay Example It is therefore pertinent to analyze the similarities in Crane’s practice of realism and that of Dreiser, while showing the differences that exists between them in the process. The two authors try to show the reality of living in an urban setting and the experiences of people living in the cities. The two of them usually talk about the experience and challenges faced by women living in the society and in the case of Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and Sister Carrie, they talk about the experience of women living in the urban society and the consequences that comes with them living in the urban society. The two authors depict life as a normal process. It is pertinent to note that the two authors have shown that one basic principle to live in the urban world is to be fit as they show the animalistic survival of the fittest principle in their works. The difference that exists between the works of Crane in Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and Dreiser in Sister Carrie is in the ability of one of the authors to integrate emotions into his work.While Crane took cognizance of the people living in the urban settings with a consideration for their yearning for sympathy (Crane), Dreiser does not in any way consider any form of pleadings for sympathy or moral judgment (Dreiser), and this is the major difference between the depiction of realism by the two writers in the works considered.

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