Wednesday, September 11, 2019

ISMG Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

ISMG - Essay Example Keeping information from the analyst could have serious legal implications for Barton and could land him into trouble. The best approach for Barton would be to focus on the positives and try and only answer questions that the analyst asks (Austin, Nolan and ODonnell). The basic reason behind the poor structure of the recovery plan was neglect on the part of the company’s IT department. The neglect of recovery plan allowed the organization’s employees to take it for granted. This further led to the plan’s frequent testing (Austin, Nolan and ODonnell). Continuation testing and validation of the recovery system ensures that the recovery plan is in up to date and ensures that the concerned individuals at the organization are well prepared in case an unfavorable incident occurs within an organization. Recovery plans are to be tested by an organization at least once every year. Moreover costs of carrying out the test were also one of the reasons why the organization was not enthusiastic about reviewing its recovery plan. Neglect of the recovery system and lack of interest on the part of the organization’s management proved to be costly to the entire organization (Austin, Nolan and ODonnell). Shutting down an organization’s IT system is a major setback. Not only would that mean loss of profits but would also have an impact on the company’s reputation. Shutting down the IT system is the last resort and must only be used after all options have been thoroughly reviewed, examined and deemed ineffective. IT systems must be shut down when there is a fear that an attacker has placed a malicious piece of software, such as a Trojan, within the organization’s network (Austin, Nolan and ODonnell). Usually such a piece of software provides the attacker with a backdoor to access the network and cause damage to the network itself and the data that resides within the network. In such a case an organization must shut down its

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