Monday, September 9, 2019

Management Consulting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Management Consulting - Essay Example Schuyster undermined this when he mistreated his employees. Excessive and uncontrolled personal spending is another cause of failure in Go Global Case. Schuyster used took the company’s money to buy personal property and fund his extravagance. This took the money that would have gone to paying loans and other company expenses including taxes. This was evidence for poor financial management and ineffective accounting (Go Global Case Study, class notes 1). The dysfunction and breakdown of the founders of Go Global would have been avoided by using alternative dispute resolution methods in settling whatever the difference that arose between them. For example, the founders would have opted to invite the intervention of a mediator who would help them to negotiate for an amicable deal. To avoid the lack of respect for customers and employees, there was need for proper communication channels. Customer complaints should have been directed to the customer relations department and not the management. The management, Schuyster in particular, would have esteemed their employees if there were clear policies that protected their rights. Conducting regular auditing would have helped avoid excessive personal spending. The external auditors contracted should be independent in order to conduct objective assessment and give accurate feedback. Separating personal life from business for example through setting definite salaries for everybody including th e top management of the company would have prevented the use of company funds in personal projects (Longenecker, 2012). As Dirk Schuyster’s consultant, I would have advised him to seek anger management therapy. I would have underscored to him the need to spend quality time and resources in such an initiative because it is an element of personal development, which improves leadership. I would have advised Schuyster

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